Heart Health Amidst the Pandemic

Name: John Carter

Age: 62

My journey as a heart failure patient has been anything but typical. With a strong family history of heart disease, I knew the risks, but I was asymptomatic and never expected my life to take such a sudden turn. It all started with a diagnosis of COVID, despite my family and me being extremely cautious. Unfortunately, obtaining a vaccination in the Northeast at that time was challenging.

In March, things took a frightening turn. I found myself struggling to sleep, battling what I thought was indigestion from the previous evening. As the discomfort persisted and intensified, I began to realize it was something more serious – chest pain. It was around 4 am when I finally made the decision to wake my wife and share my concerns. Chest pain accompanied by vomiting left no room for doubt. Without hesitation, my wife dialed 911, and by 6:15 am, I was in an ambulance racing towards the hospital.

To their dismay, they discovered a clot completely obstructing the main artery of my heart. Swift action was needed, and the doctors skillfully inserted two stents to restore blood flow. However, during the procedure, my heart stopped, requiring a defibrillation to revive me. The damage to my heart was severe, prompting the medical team to employ a medical device to assist with pumping and placing me on a ventilator.

Though the road to recovery has been challenging, I draw strength from the stories of resilience shared by fellow heart failure patients. Mended Hearts Central Ohio has been a beacon of hope, offering support, understanding, and a sense of belonging. While my journey may have taken an unexpected turn, I remain determined to live each day to the fullest.

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