Our mission is to inspire, comfort, support and assist in educating Central Ohio heart patients, caregivers and people at risk of a heart event.

Our Objectives:

Our objectives include: (1) visiting heart patients and their caregivers before and after procedures in the hospital and providing phone and email support; (2) hosting monthly educational meetings to educate heart patients, caregivers and others on heart and related topics; (3) providing resources, such as our website and newsletter, to provide information about our chapter, our members, and pertinent heart health related materials.


Our primary aim is to empower individuals affected by heart disease with the knowledge and resources they need to manage their condition effectively. We provide a range of services, including support groups, counseling, and preventative education, to help patients and caregivers navigate the challenges of living with heart disease.

In addition to our focus on individual patient support, we also strive to improve public health outcomes related to heart disease. We work to raise awareness about the impact of heart disease on society, promote preventative measures to reduce the incidence of heart disease and advocate for policies that improve access to quality heart care.

Our group serves patients in a 100-mile area around Columbus, Ohio

Our Members

We’re like the very people we serve – heart patients and families – sharing our experiences as we offer inspiration and hope. Healthcare professionals also join our mission by providing their expertise and support.

Our Methods

We partner with local hospitals and rehabilitation clinics to help those affected by heart disease to have a positive patient-care experience. We provide our services through visiting programs, monthly support group meetings and educational forums, lead by heart health professionals.