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| We Inspire, Support and Educate Heart Patients and Caregivers


Howard and Ellen Nikkel's Journey From Heart Failure to Transplant (Read Their Story)

Jim Kelly: "I joined Healing Hearts To Learn About Heart Disease"  (Read Jim's Story)


Reggie Roundtree: "7 1/2 years post LVAD and feeling blessed"  (Read Reggie's Story)

Randy Smith:  "Enjoying Life To The Fullest."  (Read Randy's Story)

Kenny Knox: "My journey with heart disease has been a blessing"  (Read Kenny's Story)

John Cole: "My heart success story starts at birth"  (Read John's Story)

Genetic research saved Ben Weisbuch's life  (Read Ben's Story)


 Melissa Justice May Have a "Miracle of a Heart Story" (Read Melissa's Story).

Mark Hennessy "Giving Back for My Gift" (Read Mark's Story)


Carl Smerdel "I've Been Given Back My Vitality"  (Read Carl's Story)


Jeff Davidson "I've been inspired by members of Mended Hearts" (Read Jeff's Story)



Christine Bryant's Pregnancy-induced heart failure (Read Christine's Story)

Rosalie Ungar's 35 year struggle with Atrial Fib (Read Rosalie's Story)

John Afek:  A heart transplant success story  (Read John's Story)

Francisco Paco Morera:  "I've been blessed with a treatable disease"  (Read Paco's Story)

Carmela Powers: "My husband saved my life" (Read Carmela's Story)

Jamie Lanier: "I've been blessed with incredible doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital" (Read Jamie's Story)

Christopher Clark: "My life is not over yet, it has only just begun"  (Read Chris's Story) 

Mallory McDevitt "I'm fully living my life as a congenital heart defect survivor"  "Read Mallory's Story)



Phil Bowen's 1st open-heart surgery was at age 25
(Read Phil's Story)

Tahira Farooqui: "support of family and friends has inspired me...."  (Read Tahira's Story)

Anthony Hines: "I've been blessed with a donor heart from someone I've never met" (Read Anthony's Story)

For Christine Ballengee Morris, Taking Charge Was About Patience, Relying on Friends, and Finding a Whole New Meaning of a Beautiful Day.  (Read Christine's Story)

For Joseph Atria, Giving Back Is Important (Read Joseph's Story)



Marcus Bozeman, 2017

View video tribute here

Rebekah Hambor, 2016

(Read Rebekah's Story)

Courtney Williams, 2015

(Read Courtney's Story)