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Drew is active and alive due to great physicians and AHA funded research.   (Read Drew's Story)



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Spring 2019 Newsletter 



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Dr. Martha Gulati - "Cardiac Rehab: Improving Outcomes One Step at a Time" (Oct 2011)

Jamie Jackson, Ph.D - "Maintaining a Positive Emotional Attitude" (Apr 2012)

Dr. Ayesha Hasan - "Living With Heart Failure" (Nov 2012)

Specialty Practice Pharmacists  "An Evening with your Pharmacists" (Jan 2013)

Dr. Ahmet Kilic - "Valve Replacement 101" (May 2013)

Dr. Jaret Tyler - Afib: How Your "Type" Affects Your Treatment (July 2013)

Dr. David Keseg - "Saving a Cardiac Arrest Victim with Pulsepoint and Hands-Only CPR" (Aug 2013)

Dec 11, 2013 Heart Patient Panel "Sharing of Heart Stories"  Patient Panel

Dr. Aneesa Das - "Heart Disease and Sleep Apnea: Common Companions" (Mar 2014)

Dr. Juan Crestanello - "The Shelf Life of Heart Prosthetics" (Apr 2014)

Dr. Catherine L. Butz, Ph.D - Managing Stress and Staying Positive With Heart Disease"  (May 2014)

Peter Mohler,Ph.D and Amy Sturm, MS, LGC - "Saving Lives of Heart Patients Through Genetic Testng" (June 2014)

Dr. Maria Pruchnicki "RX Updates: New Guidelines, New Medications--What You Need to Know"  (Aug 2014)

Dr. Jennifer Dickerson "Cardiac MRI Imaging:  What Can The Power of the Magnet Do For Our Patients" (Oct 2014)


American Heart Association's "Just a Little Heart Attack"

American Heart Association's - "Hands-Only CPR Video"

PulsePoint Video



NonProfit Formation:

April 17, 2017 marks the formation of "Healing Hearts of Central Ohio" as an Ohio nonprofit corporation (IRS 501c3 Approved Effective 4.17.17).  Our first Board picture is below:

(L-R) John Cole, Jim Kelly, Lynne Kelly, Ron Keener, Jeff Davidson, Christine Ballengee Morris, Helen Davidson, Annette Salser, and John Afek (over 250 years of heart experiences and passionate advocates of heart support).


Heart Disease Fundraising and Advocacy (focused on Central Ohio)

July 16, 2017:  Exhbit Table at Ohio State's "TriFit Challenge" Triathlon/Duathlon/5K in Ohio Stadium (with 1,200-1,300 athletes)  

July 15, 2017:  Walked in Lifeline of Ohio's "Dash for Donation" on Team Inspire 

June 25, 2017:  Volunteered at "The MingoMan" Triathlon/Duathlon at Delaware State Park 

June 24, 2017:  Exhibit Table OSU Wexner Medical Center's "Community Health Day"

May 31, 2017:  Exhibit Table Liberty Township YMCA's "National Senior Health & Fitness Day" 


May 31, 2017: Donations to date of $215,805 for Ohio State heart failure research! 

The "Courtney Williams Heart Failure Research Fund" at the OSU Foundation (9/2015) is in memory of Courtney, Rebekah, and Nick and for everyone struggling with heart failure who need an answer now, rather than later.  Please read about this fund HERE.  Then, read Dr. Peter Mohler's letter about the need and the research HERE.   The direct link to the fund is: http://give.osu.edu/CourtneyWilliams; 


Our members helped create (2011) and fund (over $110,000 so far...) a "CARDIAC REHABILITATION ACCESS FUND" at the OSU Foundation to help pay for critical cardiac rehab for heart patients without the ability to afford insurance co-pays!!  It is estimated that only 10% to 20% of heart patients who require CR get this therapy.  Please see Dr. Martha Gulati's letter regarding CARDIAC REHAB and to make a tax deductible donation, please CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Jeff Davidson at (614) 580-1561 or jadavidson@columbus.rr.com  See the Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program brochure 


Carl Smerdel Won the 2016 American Heart Association Lifestyle Change Award 


John Afek, Marcus Bozeman and other Ohio Transplant Team Members won Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the 2016 Cleveland Transplant Games!!

OSU Ross Heart to Heart Award for Volunteerism (for 2014) to Phil Bowen and Jeff Davidson 

Chapter Elects New Officers for May 2015 to May 2017 CLICK HERE




Since October 2011, we have raised over $51,000 in 7 heart walks--for the AHA and ACHA!!

Our AHA Walk Team on Aug 22, 2015 raised over $8,800 in honor of Courtney Williams" and finished in the top #20 of all walk teams.  Thanks to Melissa Justice AND Nicole Cochran for coordinating.

Our AHA (American Heart Association) Walk Team (early birds below) finished in the top #20 of all walk teams on August 23, 2014 and raised $7,228.00!  Thanks to team captain, Melissa Justice, and our participant walkers/donors!!

Our ACHA (Adult Congenital Heart Association) Walk Team (below) finished #1 on Oct 6, 2013 and raised $$4,805.00!  Thanks to Courtney Williams, team captain, and participant donations.  

Our AHA (American Heart Association) Walk Team (early birds picture below) finished #9 on August 24, 2013 of all central Ohio walk teams and raised $10,370.00

MHOCO raised $5,855 in donations for the Sept 30, 2012 Central Ohio Congenital Heart Walk for children and adults born with congenital heart disease.   See our walkers....

MHOCO registered 53 walkers and raised $6,435.00 for the August 25, 2012 American Heart Association Central Ohio Heart Walk. With some incredible walk prizes, we finished in the Top 25 of all central Ohio walk teams!!   See Challenge Flyer   See our "Early Bird Walkers" at 7:30 a.m. (who sleeps in on Saturday morning?)


So many opportunities to support heart patients!!   We manned information tables at:  the 10 TV Health & Fitness Expo on August 18/19, 2012, the OAEMS Summer Educational Conference on June 29/30, 2012, the CarePoint East Community Day on Saturday, June 16, 2012....and the Connor Senn Memorial Symposium at OSU on May 8, 2012. 

Our Walk Team sponsored and raised $7,745 at the Central Ohio CHD HeartWalk on October 2, 2011.    See our Walkers   


December 10, 2014:  Member Holiday Sharing Dinner with doctors and members.   See home page 2014 Accomplishments PDF

November 12, 2014:  Dr. Tom Ryan spoke on "The Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease" 

October 8, 2014:  Dr. Jennifer Dickerson spoke to us on "Cardiac MRI Imaging"

September 10, 2014: Dr. Ernest Mazzaferri spoke to us on: "What's New in 2014:  Updates from the Ross Heart Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory" (Dr. Mazz is at far left of picture above)

August 13, 2014:  Dr. Maria Pruchnicki spoke to us: "An Evening With The Pharmacist"

July 9, 2014:  James Warner and Lori Williams spoke to us on "Smoothies: Delicious Alternatives for a Heart Healthy Diet"

June 18, 2014:  Dr. Peter Mohler and Amy Sturm, MS, LGC spoke on "Saving Lives of Heart Patients Through Genetic Testing (with Ben Weisbuch and Melissa Justice (center))

May 14, 2014:  Patient Panel Sharing of Heart Stories meeting (see home page)

April 9, 2014: Heart Surgeon, Dr. Juan Crestanello, spoke on: "The Shelf Life of Heart Prosthetics"

March  12, 2014: Dr. Aneesa Das spoke on "Heart Disease and Sleep Apnea: Common Companions 

February 12, 2014:  Dr. Laxmi Mehta spoke on "Broken Heart Syndrome" and gender differences in heart disease.

January 8, 2014: Dr. Hamdy Awad spoke on "Anesthesia Preparation for Open-Heart Surgery"

December 11, 2103 Heart Patient Panel Meeting (a record 76 in attendance)

November 13, 2013: Meeting with the OSU Center For Wellness and Prevention Cardiac Rehab Team on "The Critical Importance of Cardiac Rehab"

October 9, 2013:  Ellen Aberegg and Jim Warner spoke on "Lightening Up The Holidays--with Heart Healthy Foods" (picture below of their food prep demo) with Chef. Justin Goodwin at left)

September 18, 2013:  Dr. Surender Neravetla spoke from his book on the topic:  "Salt Kills"

August 14, 2013:  Dr. David Keseg spoke on "Saving a Cardiac Arrest Victim with PulsePoint and Hands-Only CPR Training" (picture below with Columbus Fire Department)

July 10, 2013: Dr. Jaret Tyler spoke on "Atrial Fibrillation:  How Your Type Affects Your Treatment"  (see the presentation on our News Page right side)

June 12, 2013:  Dr. G. Patrick Ecklar spoke on "Non-Cardiac Chest Pain-When to Call the Squad" 

May 15, 2013: Dr. Ahmet Kilic spoke on "Heart Valve Replacment Critical Issues....."   (see the video taped presentation on our News Page right side)

April 10, 2013: Marcia Belcher, MSN, RN spoke on "The 1st Critical 24 Hours After Open-Heart Surgery-A Nurses Perspective"  (record attendance of 69)

March 13, 2013:  Dr. Ali Zaidi from Nationwide Children's Hospital spoke on "The Evolution for Caring for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease"  (picture of Dr. Zaidi and some adult CHD kids)

February 13, 2013:  A "Sharing of Heart Success Stories" meeting.

January 9, 2013:  Pharmacist's from the "Specialty Practice Pharmacists Team at the Ross" spoke-- "An Evening With The Pharmacist" and fielded many RX questions (44 in attendance)...another great meeting!!

December 12, 2012: Lauren Fitting of Lifeline of Ohio spoke on "Don't Let Another Chair Go Empty"(42 in attendance) See Lauren and members of our group blessed with a donor heart...

November 14, 2012: Dr. Ayesha Hasan spoke on "Living with Congestive Heart Failure" (68 in attendance--a monthly meeting record!!)   Dr. Hasan and fans below....

October 10, 2012:  Jim Davis of the Columbus Fire Department spoke on "An EMT's Perspective: Real Life SCA and MI Emergencies" (39 in attendance)

September 12, 2012:  Ellen Aberegg and Jim Warner spoke on "Heart Healthy Foods: Food Prep Demo, Nutrition, and Healthier Tailgating" (56 in attendance)

        July 11, 2012:  Dr. David Sabgir spoke on "Walk with a Doc--Health Care Now Being Presented in 3D" (61 in attendance)

June 13, 2012: "A Sharing of Heart Success Stories and How Volunteering is Heart Healthy" (36 in attendance) 

May 9, 2012: James Onate, Ph.D., AT spoke on "Physical Fitness Optimization and Sustainment--Keeping Active Throughout the Lifespan" (46 in attendance)

 April 11, 2012: Jamie Jackson, Ph.D. (Nationwide Children's Hospital) spoke on "Maintaining a Positive Emotional Outlook with Heart Disease" (41 in attendance).    

March 14, 2012: Peter J. Mohler, Ph.D. and Amy Sturm, MS, CGC spoke on "The Genetics of Heart Disease and Arrhythmia" (47 in attendance)    

February 8, 2012: Gail Hogan of NBC4 headlined a "Heart Survivors Sharing Meeting" (65 in attendance) 


Jan 11, 2012, Dr. Ernest Mazzaferri spoke on "Advances in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab; Plumbing in the 21st Century" (66 in attendance) 

Dec 14, 2011, Dr. Emile Daoud (L) spoke on Electrophysiology --"Electricity That is Good for Your Heart; Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure"


Nov 9, 2011, Dr. John Larry (L) spoke on "The Critical Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation" and Courtney Williams and Carl Smerdel shared their CR stories.


Oct 12, 2011, Dr. Martha Gulati spoke on "The Differences between Men and Women with Heart Disease"

Sept 14, 2011, "Heart Survivor's Sharing Meeting": Five members shared their very personal "heart success stories" at our September monthly meeting.

Aug 17, 2011, Dr. Michael Sayre (R) spoke on "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" and conducted "Hands-Only CPR" training and Jack Schmidt (L) and Courtney Williams shared their SCA stories.  


July 13, 2011, Dr. Robert Higgins spoke on: "CHF, the LVAD, Heart Transplant Surgeries, and Other Life Saving Procedures" and Melissa Justice (L) and Anthony Hines (R) shared their LVAD and heart transplant stories

June 15, 2011, Kristina Wood, Pharm.D. (R) spoke on: "Warfarin, Other Anti-clotting Agents, and Drugs Improving the Lives of Heart Patients" and Christine Ballengee Morris shared her heart story

May 11, 2011, Dr. Curt Daniels, MD, FACC, Spoke On: “Transcatheter Valve Replacement and Transcatheter Therapy for Valvular Heart Disease”